DuraCloud Canada


A CANARIE funded Research Software Platform (RDM-063).


DuraCloud North is a local instance of the DuraCloud software, originally developed by DuraSpace. Information about the original code, its governance, and ongoing development is available at the DuraCloud Wiki.

The Scholars Portal instance of the DuraCloud software includes integrations for our specific environment that are not suitable for the main development branch. The Scholars Portal DuraCloud code is available here. The contact email for the team is duracloud@scholarsportal.info.

DuraCloud North is developed and released as a part of the Scholars Portal team’s agile development process: new features and patches are tested and released immediately after completion.

The testing process is mostly automated. Unit tests are run in a continuous integration manner on the entire software suite when new code arrives in the repository. Integration and regression testing are scripted and run in development instances prior to software release.